For Canadian Travellers: US Travel Future is Upbeat, But Do Your Homework

This is a great piece on travel to the US that identifies the changes going on south of the border.  Group coverage provided by benefit plans is often better than individual plans, but pre-existing condition clauses and unstable health can still cause issues and gaps in coverage.  The suggestions below are good for those travelling with every kind of coverage.

With the US economy booming, thanks to a surging stock market, record low unemployment, rising wages, and sharply lowered personal and corporate taxes, consumers are showing a growing confidence about spending more of their family budgets on travel.

According to the most recent report by international business consulting firm Deloitte: of the six major segments that comprise the US travel industry (airlines, lodging, car rentals, cruises, rail, and travel packaging), a strong five per cent growth is forecast for 2018, setting the USA travel industry on course to hit a record-breaking $370 billion by year’s end.