Long Term Disability Insurance: Common Employer Misconceptions

This is a great article around the employer responsibilities of Long-Term Disability cases.  It is one of the tricky areas that small employers often have little experience with, not appropriately staffed (with HR people etc) and as a result find it difficult to deal with.  This gives you a few of the biggest misconceptions one needs to consider in aa short concise read.

Employers often provide their employees with access to long-term disability benefits through a group benefit plan. These benefits are usually provided and administered by a third party insurer. The insurer’s role is to manage the disability claim and adjust the file according to the available medical evidence. The employer’s role is to hold the employee’s position and accommodate a return to work as necessary. Ideally, the management of an injured employees return to work should be a collaborative process between employer, long-term disability insurer, and employee. Unfortunately, once an employee is injured and in receipt of disability benefits, misconceptions regarding the parties’ respective roles can expose them to increased risk and liability.