Each year Sanofi Canada surveys the thoughts and perceptions of both employees and employers across Canada on healthcare and benefit plans in particular.  The survey represents all size businesses, but responses are best from larger organizations so skew that way slightly.  A panel of large employers, consultants, insurers and brokers come together to analyze the results, discuss next steps and provide comments for the report linked below.

Have a read, but take it all with a grain of salt, as smaller firms and their employees often see results contrary to the larger, public and union plans that are also capture here.  Each year I always learn get some interesting insights working with the advisory panel.  I hope the report is useful to you too.

The Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey has proven to be a valuable tool for health benefit administrators making decisions about the kind of health coverage their plans will provide.

Since 1998, our healthcare survey has monitored the pulse of Canadians with employer-sponsored health benefit plans. We continue to track respondents’ overall satisfaction with the healthcare system as a whole and their own benefit plan, their concerns about their health and the health of their families, and their understanding of certain chronic illnesses.