If in Doubt, SHOUT !

I just shared this with many of the brokers I work with, but thought a great time to also share it with Mainstay clients and those that follow our blog.

As a client, you know, I have an “If in Doubt, Shout” policy.  I’d prefer dozens of calls to avoid a problem, rather than just one call after the fact, to try and fix what may be unfixable.

If you have an unusual hire, something out of the ordinary, a situation you have not run into before (or lately), please give us a call or drop a note and we’ll try and and get it resolved before  something happens.

One more reason to have employment agreements

This is an interesting case as it awarded a ONE year employee, 5 months of severance.  I hate to think what may have happened if their health conditions had turned into a disability claim during this time.  Having employment agreements can help reduce this risk and expense.

B.C. Court of Appeal upholds 5 months’ notice for 12 months of service

Dismissed employee’s age and experience deserved 5 months’ notice, but additional 3 months because of health concerns not warranted


Are your Independent contractors really employees?

This is an assessment tool, that I found on the web, that asks a series of questions similar to those that CRA use to determine if someone is an independent contractor versus an employee.  The questions themselves will likely help you to understand the variety of “tests” that the CRA or others may use.

Employee Versus Independent Contractor Status

Tax Assessment Tool