Medical insurance fraud widespread, as employees, providers rip off benefit plans

I know I can sound like a broker record, but fraud keeps showing up in plans.  If it is large enough or widespread enough in an organization, we can often identify, flag it, and offer suggestions to stop it.  BUT, in many cases smaller levels (that still add up) can fly under our radar.

Recently we have seen some providers take advantage of employees and that is the reason we are raising awareness.  We hope your staff know better, but don’t want them being involved in an investigation, loss of their benefits, or being charged with fraud, and hope this education will help.


Can an employee be terminated while on disability?

A good article on what happens when staff are off for a prolonged absence.

The question of whether an employee can be terminated while on disability is a common concern, especially if there’s a chance the claimant’s impairment or illness may not be permanent but likely to persist into the indefinite future. Unfortunately, the answer can be complicated and sometimes difficult to understand for both disability claimants and employers.