Interested in increasing your benefit offering?

I am a big supporter of the idea that a good benefit plan generally does a good job of attracting and retaining employees.  A fantastic plan design (and the higher costs that go with it) often does no better a job of keeping employees happy.

That said, with Family Day behind us, and after having several recent conversations with clients and associates, I’m wondering if good enough is…well, good enough.  We are seeing a number of changes to health care in Ontario, that may result in less being covered by the province, with more downloading to the residents.  Maybe it’s time to take a second look at things if you are seeing this, or your staff are sharing their challenges.

For that reason, I am sending out this note to say; if you feel that your plan may need a re-look, that staff are asking for more, maybe you are a family business and finding that there are claims that you are incurring but the plan is not covering tax effectively, then it could be time to consider your benefit offering.

The answer may be adding a new benefit such as; disability coverage, or increasing vision or dental benefits to cover the rising costs, or maybe it’s adding a small Health Spending Account (HSA) that gives the flexibility to cover almost any health or dental related claims.

If you’re interested in doing so and would like us to price a change for you now, or at the next renewal, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Email us at;      or call us at; 905-886-9203