Five things to know when dealing with an emergency abroad

Just read this great article for those travelling abroad.  Share it wth staff, family and friends.  I find that if we’re prepared, thenigs always tend to work out for the better (maybe it comes from the old sailing adage of …Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance)

I have also added the SOS numbers to reach the Canadian Government to the Mainstay USEFUL LINKS page.

Dreaming about your next getaway? That probably means imagining unlimited glasses of mojitos and sunshine or an afternoon spent getting lost down the streets of a new city… or maybe both (but hopefully not at once). Whatever your ideal vacation looks like, the last thing that’s on your mind before arriving is the accidents that could occur while travelling. But the reality is, emergencies abroad can and do occur.


Court Of Appeal Confirms: Reasonable Notice Is Capped At 24 Months

Employers that follow employment law cases (like the ones I send out from time to time) were a tad concerned about the common law notice period being extended from 2 to 3 years maximum after this case.  The recent appeal has reduced that judgement to 2 years max. except for really exceptional cases.  Employers may still find hardship in paying the 2 years notice, but can rest a bit easier knowing it’s not 50% more.

Court of Appeal Confirms: Reasonable Notice Is Capped At 24 Months, Absent Exceptional Circumstances