My Accountant Says I Should Have Registered With WSIB TEN Years Ago! Now What Do I Do?

From time to time we have prospective, or existing clients ask us about WSIB coverage and if it is mandatory.  In some cases they have never “signed up”, in others the activities of the business have changed.

This article explains a bit about how WSIB registration works, and why you should do so voluntarily (if required), rather than be found in violation and subject to fines, penalties and back premium.

A surprisingly common event in the practice of workers’ compensation law is the frantic, sometimes even panicked email or phone call from a client, potential client, or the lawyer or accountant of such a business. The pattern is generally the same.

“We have been in business for X years. Nobody ever told us before that we had to register for workers’ compensation, but now so and so is telling me that we have a big problem because we didn’t. If this is compulsory, why doesn’t somebody tell you that at the beginning?”