Mainstay, Covid 19 and you!

I write this from a hotel room in St. Martin at the end of a great sailing holiday around what was once a beautiful island.  It’s not messed up by Covid-19 (there are NO cases here), but by hurricanes Irma and Maria almost 2 and a half years ago.  Some properties have recovered, others have sprung up from the rubble, but far too many are awaiting new zoning rules (French sides government delays) before they can begin the re-construction.  It’s amazing to see how far, and for how long the repercussions of events can last.

We are hoping to fly out on Tuesday (one of the last flights before the airport here is closed) and will then look at facing 2 weeks of self isolation (for being out of country).  As a result, our service levels may be a bit different.

If we have meetings scheduled with you, we’ll be in touch to reschedule, or to arrange to do them via Zoom.  Zoom is a great app that you can (but don’t need to) download to video conference, view files (like your renewal report etc) and meet virtually.  You can view and communicate all through a web browser and call in via phone if you don’t have a camera and microphone attached to your system.

I will also be postponing our Calgary and Vancouver industry educational events until the fall, as well as doing fewer speaking events over the next couple months.  As a result, I’m hoping to have more time to support our great clients, CGIB members, family and friends.

I hope that you, your families and staff are all okay during these challenging times.  I’ve already had friends step up and offer to get us groceries, friends of my son offer to get him from university and offer a place to stay so he doesn’t need to be alone (or locked up with us) and others offer to help.  We are truly lucky for having great people all around us..

This is a great time for everyone to help out friends, neighbours and absolute strangers and show how great humans can be.  Stay well.