Need Help? A few things for you and your employees.

I am reaching out to my clients in the coming days to check in.  I have spoken to many of you that have been dealing with lay-offs or immediate challenges, so I’m a bit behind in connecting with everyone and relying on this post to share info until we connect.

Please know that I am here and self isolated for the next week so if you need anything.  No more sailing trips for a while, so if you need help, just shout.

A few things to share today.

  1. The insurers are providing some relief options to employers around their benefit plans.  Some of these are short term relief (but maybe higher risk (no LTD) and longer term issues like higher renewals) but if you need help, please let us know and we’ll work with you to get the insurer or TPA to make things work.
  2.  Renewals may be delayed.  Our goal is to still deliver the info via e-mail, but the renewal rates may be deferred.  We’ll reach out to the affected clients one by one as the renewals come due.
  3. I saw this article (below) come in with links to services that may be of assistance to staff if you’ve had to make some tough decisions.

Stay safe and healthy.  Please follow the self isolation and social distancing.  We’ll get through this together.

Bridgewater, NS, Canada / CKBW  –  Ryan Everest  –  March 22, 2020 02:40 pm

The unfortunate reality of today is a lot of people are losing shifts, being laid off, etc because of COVID-19. If you require financial assistance at this time, you can find information below on ways the Federal Government is trying to help you through these tough times.


EMERGENCY SUPPORT BENEFIT: Have You Been Laid Off Or Your Hours Reduced? Click Here

EMERGENCY INSURANCE SICKNESS BENEFIT: No Paid Sick Leave, Are You Quarantined, Sick? Click Here

EMERGENCY CARE BENEFITIf You’re Unable To Claim E-I But Are Sick Or Quarantined and/or Are Taking Care Of Family Members: Click Here

NEED MORTGAGE HELP? Mortgage Support For Canadians

CHILD CARE BENEFITS: Increased Child Care Benefit Information

TAX DEADLINE: Filing Deadline For Individuals Pushed Back Until June 1st