Want a night off from cooking? (something a bit different)

Clients and Friends,

I’m trying to think of ways that I can add a bit more value to our relationship in these challenging times.  Most of you are in the Greater Toronto Area, so have I got an idea for you.

Peter and Pauls is the catering company that supplies the CGIB events that I run (educating advisors in the benefits space).  They also run and supply GTA hotels banquet halls and restaurants around the GTA. Their business has obviously suffered as there are no events being held until the end of June and the restaurants are closed except for take out.  That said, they DO have lots of chefs and kitchens and are willing to do the cooking (and shopping) for you.  So why not let them do the hard work?

You can order large frozen trays of meals such as; veggie lasagna, veal parmesan, chicken scallopini, meatballs and much more.  They are also selling from their stock of wine, groceries, toilet paper and sanitizer.  You can pick up in Vaughan and get delivery if you’re in their “delivery zone”.

Don’t let the larger size throw you off (because you can’t have people in).  Share with neighbours, or save for the next meal (⅓ pan feeds  4-6 people & ½ pan feeds 8-10 people)

Our order went in today and you can check out all the details here…