New COVID Screening required in Ontario workplaces

Last week Ontario added changes for Ontario employers to consider that are returning employees to the workplace.

They have provided information and a screening tool to make it easier for employers.

“Workplaces should implement this screening for any workers or essential visitors entering the work environment. This does not include patrons entering a workplace (e.g., customers entering a grocery store, restaurant, bar or other food or drink establishment). It also excludes emergency services or other first responders entering a workplace for emergency purposes. Further, essential workers who travel outside for Canada for work purposes should not be excluded entry on this basis alone.”

Keeping track of employees from a distance: Monitoring technologies and related legal considerations for teleworking

Most of our clients are adapting to employees working at home quite well. As many of those look at this becoming a longer-term part of their business, some questions arise.

  • If the employees home is also their office, how are employers responsible for ensuring their health and safety?
  • How do employers track and monitor the hours an employee has worked?
  • Can employers track e-mails, internet traffic etc?

This article provides a bit of insight and suggestions for process and policies around the issue that may be of assistance.

Due to COVID-19, teleworking has become the new norm in Canada and many parts of the world. In the traditional physical workplace, employers are generally permitted to take certain reasonable steps to observe or supervise what employees are doing throughout the day. In part, this is because the workplace is not considered a private space and it is normally reasonable for employers to exert control over what employees do in the workplace in the general course of their employment-related duties.


New Ontario ESA changes – the COVID-19 period has been extended to 2021

More information on the extended IDE leave. This changes extends the protections for employers and employees until the new year.

Earlier this summer the Ontario government made a number of important changes to employment standards laws in response to COVID-19. These changes, which affected the rules around temporary layoffs as well as temporary reductions in hours or wages, were intended to remain in effect until September 4, 2020. However, late last week the Ontario government announced that the “COVID-19 period” is being extended until January 2, 2021, which means that the changes will remain in effect for several more months.