Free HR Law webinar – The New World of Work – May 27th 11 am EST

Williams HR Law is an HR and Employment Law firm that does great educational events for employers. The events are free of charge and cover topics affecting employers in these interesting times. Information on how to protect yourself and avoid pitfalls will provide you with info to make it through the New World at Work.  If you’re interested, please sign up at the link below.

Organizations have seen unprecedented upheaval over the last year resulting in workplace realities and conditions that differ vastly from those prior to early 2020. Many of these changes have become part of the ‘next normal’ that business leaders and HR professionals will have to contend with in the near and distant future. With this reality in mind, we are inviting you to join us for this year’s 10th Annual Proactive Workplace Law Webinar, where our focus will be on The New World of Work.

During this 2.5-hour, interactive session, the Williams HR Law lawyers will share their insights gained through assisting hundreds of organizations during the COVID-19 era to respond to workplace-related issues and risks. We will identify what the key conditions of the New World of Work are, and examine how these new conditions have impacted when we work, where we work, how we work, and why organizations need to proactively adopt the right policies, processes and communications to successfully stabilize and thrive in our new working environment.

The session content will provide practical takeaways for business leaders, management and HR professionals to navigate workplace obligations, entitlements, issues, risks and pitfalls related to:

  • o Pandemic fatigue and safety considerations
  • o Conduct issues, including those related to discrimination and harassment
  • o Mental health accommodation
  • o Imposing vaccination requirements
  • o Hours of work considerations
  • o New sick days and leave requirements
  • o Employment mobility
  • o Layoffs, terminations and notice entitlements
  • o Privacy
  • o Testing requirements
  • o Constructive dismissal and reprisal exposures
  • o And more…

This webinar will include a Q&A segment where attendees will have the opportunity to pose questions in advance and during the live sessions.

We look forward to you joining us on May 27th at 11am EST!