Court Confirms Advanced Age And Short Service Does Not Automatically Equate To Lengthy Notice Period

I share legal cases that I think may apply to our clients (small and mid-sized firms), or areas they should be aware of.  Many of these are the extremes (rather than norms) of what happens when termination go wrong, for example, and illustrate the risks employers may face.  This article is more employer friendly and I especially like the commentary  where they say… “These decisions represent a major win for employers in Ontario. There is a commonly held belief that terminating a short-service, advanced-aged employee without an enforceable termination clause is akin to setting oneself on fire, when taking into consideration the perceived risk associated with combination of these outlier factors.”

A recent pair of Ontario Superior Court decisions offered interesting insight on the determination of reasonable notice when faced with widely considered “outlier” factors. The two decisions,  Flack v. Whiteoak Ford Lincoln Sales Limited (“Flack”) and  Ewach v. Whiteoak Ford Lincoln Sales Limited (“Ewach”), were presented back-to-back to Justice S.F. Dunphy and involved the same employer and employees in similar circumstances.

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Acupuncture will no longer be covered by insurance if Ontario passes this controversial law

Please do not shoot the messenger on this one.

CRA mandates what is an eligible medical expense for the purposes of the Medical Expense Tax Credit (METC) on our personal taxes.  This definition is often used for Private Health Service Plans (PHSP’s) which includes both traditional benefit plans and health spending accounts.

When it comes to medical service providers, CRA is looking for a provincially recognized, self regulating association that can suspend or revoke the license of a member if they do not follow the association code of conduct. If that regulation and oversight is no longer required, then the benefits are usually not eligible for the METC.  This can, by extension, mean they may no longer be eligible for benefit plan reimbursement.

The article below provides more information…

A recently-tabled legislative change that would effectively allow anyone in Ontario to perform traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or acupuncture without an official licence has prompted a flurry of worry, questions and objections aimed at the Ford government…