Why Ontario Employers Should Review Employment Contracts Now

We’ve seen many changes to employment relationships over the past few years and if you’re an Ontario employer, you may need to revisit employment contracts (working with an employment lawyer and/or an HR professional is best).  The article below highlights many of the changes you’ll want to consider.

It is common practice for technology companies to use standard form employment contracts for all staff.1 Often those contracts are precedents from some other source—a prior start up, or even the Internet. Or they may have been provided by a law firm providing legal advice a number of years ago.

Regardless of the source of the standard form, if it has not been updated in the last six months to reflect recent changes in the law, there is a very good chance that some of its key terms are no longer enforceable in Ontario.

Key Highlights

  • Employers likely need to update terms in employment contracts on termination provisions, restrictive covenants and arbitration clauses.
  • Five practical tips for Ontario employers as they review and update employment contacts.
  • Ontario employers need to stay mindful of new policy requirements on disconnecting from work and “electronic monitoring.”