Service Ontario: You Will No Longer Receive Paper Renewal Notice For Driver’s License, Health Card

Important notice to Ontario Residents that you may wish to share with your employees

Ontario announced (in the fall of 2021) that they will be eliminating paper renewal notices for driver’s licences and health cards and shifting to digital reminders like emails and phone calls.  I only noticed this as I renewed my drivers license and was prompted to set up e-mail or text reminders.

Why is this important? and what’s the relevance to our benefit plan?

Employees need to have provincial health coverage in order to be eligible for most benefit plans.  During the renewal process they will be asked about residency (this is why we warn employers about the risks to employees working out of province, especially abroad) and Service Ontario may reach out to confirm it (see clip below).

The web page to renew your Ontario Drivers license and OHIP card is below.

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