Are you a Mainstay client? – If so, you’re invited to an employee benefits seminar

I founded Canadian Group Insurance Brokers (CGIB) as an association dedicated to educating employee benefit advisors, across the country.  Along the way, the group has grown to included insurers, TPA’s, and other providers in the group insurance space. Since 2009 we have produced over 70 educational events with hundreds of speakers, ranging in size from workshops of 40 to seminars with over 350 in attendance, all while garnering rave reviews.

As these events have grown, many employers have indicated an interest in attending these full-day educational events.  The feedback from clients is that they love to be the “fly on the wall” in the event and hear what only advisors would generally get to hear. Would you like to be that fly?

Our next seminar is on November 8th and located in Vaughan (near Hwy’s 407 and 400) and the details are all here…

If you are an existing or prospective client, and and are interested in attending, please drop me an e-mail and I’ll book you a spot (at my cost).