Speaking and Consulting Services

Mainstay Insurance Brokerage Inc is a commission based employee benefits brokerage.  We offer consulting to our current clients under our standard disclosed commission model without any additional fees.

External educational, Canadian consulting, and expert witness work is billed at a minimum of $365/hour+HST. 

US consulting work is billed at US$500/hour and arranged through AlphaSights, Coleman Research, Dialectica, or Tegus.

Speaking events are billed at $4,000+HST a day plus travel, meal and lodging expenses.  Arrangements can be made for bulk buying books and sharing at speaking events, pricing details available HERE.

Fee for Service work is generally billed through Canadian Group Insurance Brokers (CGIB.ca) HST #81593860.

Our priorities

As time is both valuable and limited, we use a triage system to prioritize the work we take.

Projects are handled in the following order of importance.  Please respect it.

  1.  Mainstay Insurance clients
  2.  CGIB Members
  3.  Paid Consulting/Expert Witness/Speaking Engagements
  4.  Unpaid Not-for-Profit & Industry Association Projects
  5.  Government Projects (such as Ontario MOHLTC)
  6.  All others

You can get Dave’s CV HERE

Disclosure of potential conflicts:

Dave Patriarche, and/or Mainstay Insurance Brokerage Inc,. and/or Canadian Group Insurance Brokers are paid, or receive honorariums, from time to time, for speaking, participating in projects, advisory boards & panels with companies such as Insurers, Third Party Administrators(TPA’s), Group MGA’s, brokerages, benefit industry suppliers, pharmaceutical companies or pharma consulting companies as well as a variety of industry publications.

Dave Patriarche’s spouse (Joanne Patriarche) is employed as a Vice President of Human Resources (Canada) for an international generic drug manufacturer.

If we are entering into a contract for services and you have a concern, or require a list of recent contractual relationships, please contact me at dave@mainstay insurance.ca