Speaking and Consulting Services

Mainstay Insurance Brokerage Inc is a commission based employee benefits brokerage.  We offer consulting to our current clients under our standard disclosed commission model without additional fees.  We use the Canadian Group Insurance Brokers Group – Benefit Scale Commission Calculator to establish levels https://cgib.ca/group-benefits-scale-gbs-commission

External educational, Canadian consulting, and expert witness work is billed at a minimum of $420/hour+HST. 

US consulting work is billed at US$500/hour and arranged through AlphaSights, Coleman Research, Dialectica, or Tegus.

Speaking events are billed at $4,000+HST a day plus travel, meal and lodging expenses. 

SELLING BENEFITS (the book): Arrangements can be made for bulk buying and sharing at speaking events, pricing details available HERE.

Fee for Service work is generally billed through Canadian Group Insurance Brokers (CGIB.ca) HST #81593860.

I appreciated our chats in Calgary and watching you lead a room.   You have a great way about you when in front of a group, and it just as casually awesome in a 1-1 conversation. 
Brad Kotowich – Focused Leadership Group

Our priorities

As time is both valuable and limited, we use a triage system to prioritize the work we take.

Projects are handled in the following order of importance.  Please respect it.

  1.  Mainstay Insurance clients
  2.  CGIB Members
  3.  Paid Consulting/Expert Witness/Speaking Engagements
  4.  Unpaid Not-for-Profit & Industry Association Projects
  5.  Government Projects (such as Ontario MOHLTC)
  6.  All others

You can get Dave’s CV HERE

Disclosure of potential conflicts:

Dave Patriarche, and/or Mainstay Insurance Brokerage Inc,. and/or Canadian Group Insurance Brokers are paid, or receive honorariums, from time to time, for speaking, participating in projects, advisory boards & panels with companies such as Insurers, Third Party Administrators(TPA’s), Group MGA’s, brokerages, benefit industry suppliers, pharmaceutical companies or pharma consulting companies as well as a variety of industry publications.

If we are entering into a contract for services and you have a concern, or require a list of recent contractual relationships, please contact me at dave@mainstay insurance.ca