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Your call to Mainstay Insurance Brokerage Inc. may be recorded and maintained to monitor performance, coach, to improve customer service, and/or to provide a record in the event of a dispute.


Phone: (905) 886-9203 

Toll free: 1-877-624-6789 / 1-877-MAINSTY

Mailing Address: 46 Wakeford Road Little Britain, ON K0M 2C0

The office is closed and will re-open on Monday June 13th.  During that time I’ll be away on a sailing trip near Sicily Italy and then going north for a vacation and my son Matthews wedding in Verona.  

During this time I will have only VERY limited opportunity to check for, and return messages. Please leave a voicemail or e-mail and I will reply as soon as possible, or upon my return to the office. 

If you are a current client, and your inquiry is about your benefit plan, you can contact customer service at the numbers located in your employee booklet, plan administrators manual, or you can obtain them from our website at 

If you are an existing client and it is an emergency issue which must be dealt with immediately, my back up is…  Janine Allicock and she can be reached at: 

P 905.272.3060 x269   C 647-212-7931

Please note, that while Janine has access to most client files, she is not licensed advisor so can not provide advice or make plan design changes.

Book Purchase and Info:
We are in no way related, but in the event you are looking for Mainstay Insurance Group located in the UNITED STATES: They are now Fulcrum Insurance Programs and you can contact them at: 1-425-453-5157 or