Hands Across the Nations

Hands Across the Nations, is a charity run entirely by volunteers. 

  • They work with small rural communities in South America and Africa to provide development assistance.  Their motto…We aren’t saviours, we’re partners.
  • Their method is simple. They work with locals to build self-reliant communities through project-based initiatives. They partner with community leaders and help communities form committees to ensure the projects are sustainable. They focus on creating lasting change to permanently enhance the overall quality of life and standard of living.

I was lucky enough to join the group to do some work (piloting a drip irrigation system) in The Gambia in November 2023 and plan to get back again. Some photos are below.

Mainstay has a matching donation program, where we match the first $5,000 of donations made by clients, friends and associates each year end.  For more information on the programs, or to make a donation, visit the HATN website at https://www.hatn.org/