I’m sorry I’m not available…

Photo taken about 1,500 km off the coast of Florida

I am embarking on an adventure that will take me away from the office until February 11th. During this time I will not have any means of contact with the outside world.  As such, I am adding this info to my site to ensure that things are taken care of in my absence.

If you have an issue that can wait until my return, please email or leave me a message and i’ll get to you as soon after I return as is possible.

If your issue can’t wait or requires more immediate assistance during my absence, please follow these steps;

  • 1.  If it is a billing, claims or administration question, please contact the insurer customer service number listed in your booklet or plan administration manual or site.  You can also get these numbers from my website at  http://www.mainstayinsurance.ca/customer-service/
  • 2.  If customer service can not be of assistance, or it is a more complicated question please contact Pina at Group Quest who acts as my “back room” support.  Her contact information is below (also cc’d above).  She has access to your plan design, employee booklets, rates and just about everything else.  If there is something she can’t help with (unlikely), she knows who can and will ensure it’s handled.
  • Pina Perugini, Senior Account Executive
  • 5715 McAdam Road, Mississauga, ON, L4Z 1N9 Canada
  • P 905.272.3060 x259 
  • TF 1.866.892.4968 
  • pina@groupquest.ca

My adventure is an offshore sailing trip, across the Atlantic Ocean (~4,000km), aboard a 47 foot sailboat that will take me from Cape Verde (off the coast of Africa), to Martinique (in the Caribbean Sea).  This is quite an arduous trip and is typically 16-17 days at sea with no land along the way.  (I’m with an experienced crew so not to worry 🙂  If you are interested in following our progress there is a link on the the website.  https://www.mainstayinsurance.ca/sailing-adventures/

I look forward to being able to share some great stories when I return.

Thank you for your patience during my absence. 
Dave Patriarche

Phone: 905-886-920