Building “Stillwater”

On March 18th, 2021 we bought our Lake House. It needs work, but with almost 100 feet of lake frontage, a nice quiet road and great neighbours, it’s nothing we can’t tackle.

These are the original house drawings…

These are Dave’s rough sketches. We plan on blowing out almost every wall and moving every room and then adding an extra level of about 600 sq. ft. Total square footage will be around 2,322 sq. ft. (but that’s rough math). We’ve also added some first drafts of the kitchen design.  We already have design changes in mind thanks to the Kiki Arch!.

The demo work inside started on April 22nd and 23rd with flooring, carpets and drywall being pulled down. Neighbours say the they took away one BIG bin already and this was half full. I feel like we are getting there and definitely made the right choice in builder based on the clean and neat job site.

We started clearing some trees on the property on May 1st.  The first was a crabapple tree that is in the location of the weeping bed (to be). We then moved to the shoreline and removed the cedars that were leaning over the edge of the bank.  Last was an old mature weeping willow that was leaning over the water pretty precariously.  We took off the lower branches to ensure a longer life and less chance of toppling into the lake. The guys did exemplary work and we could not be happier.

On May 5th, 2021 we got our first round of drawings back and are quite pleased by how things are looking. We’ve since designed and ordered the kitchen and those drawings have been updated.  June 19th we got the preliminary working drawings and things look great. Next stop…permitting.

Hailee is doing our yard design work. We are thrilled with her first set of drawings below as well as drawings that show plants and lighting. Very cool.

July 20, 2021 – We just heard from the City of Kawartha Lakes and our permits are approved and will be picked up tomorrow. We are now ready to move forward. 

We ordered our Magic Windows Window Wall and doors yesterday and they will be about 14 weeks for delivery.

Working on ideas for our new homes logo/sign.  What do you think?