Building “Stillwater”

This is the journey of buying and renovating our “Aging in Place” home on Lake Scugog (about an hour from our current home).

These are the photos from the original listing, but we were lucky enough to buy it before a sign even went up thanks to our amazing real estate agent Pearl Carrigan.  Looking for lakefront in the Kawartha’s?  There is no one better,  Click HERE for her contact info and current listings.  She made our dreams come true, imagine what she can do for you!

On March 18th, 2021 we bought our Lake House. It needs work, but with almost 100 feet of lake frontage, a nice quiet road and great neighbours, it’s nothing we can’t tackle.

These are the original house drawings supplied by our amazing neighbours John and Natalie and Dayton and Susan…

These are Dave’s rough sketches. We plan on blowing out almost every wall and moving every room and then adding an extra level of about 600 sq. ft. Total square footage will be around 2,322 sq. ft. (that’s rough math). We’ve also added some first drafts of the kitchen design.  We already have design changes in mind thanks to the Kiki Arch!.  Looking for A great home designer, find her HERE.

The demo work inside started on April 22nd and 23rd with flooring, carpets and drywall being pulled down. Neighbours say the they took away one BIG bin already and this was half full. I feel like we are getting there and definitely made the right choice in builder based on the clean and neat job site. Who’s doing all the work?  Jeremy Farr of J.Farr Carpentry who lives just down the road.  Looking for a builder or need renovations done?  Reach out to Jeremy at his Facebook page HERE.

We started clearing some trees on the property on May 1st.  The first was a crab apple tree that is in the location of the weeping bed (to be). We then moved to the shoreline and removed the cedars that were leaning over the edge of the bank.  Last was an old mature weeping willow that was leaning over the water pretty precariously.  We took off the lower branches to ensure a longer life and less chance of toppling into the lake. The guys from Joss Tree service did exemplary work and we could not be happier.  Reach out to Calvin for a QUOTE.

On May 5th, 2021 we got our first round of drawings back from Mark at Residential Home Design  those drawings have been updated.  June 19th we got the preliminary working drawings and things look great. Next stop…permitting.

Hailee is doing our yard design work. We are thrilled with her first set of drawings below as well as drawings that show plants and lighting. Need landscape design reach out to Hailee on LinkedIn

July 5th, 2021 – We had our real estate agent/friend Jeff Tabachnick take our photos early, while the yard is green, the pool open and not all covered in slow.  If you, or someone you know might be interested in buying the place, reach out to Jeff.  See the photos below.

Please see attached link with house photos.

Please see attached link for 3D

July 19, 2021 – We ordered our Magic Windows Window Wall and doors yesterday and they will be about 14 weeks for delivery.

July 20, 2021 – We just heard from the City of Kawartha Lakes and our permits are approved and will be picked up tomorrow. We are now ready to move forward. 

October 14th, 2021 – Making progress. Sunroom, soffits and eavestroughs removed in preparation for roof removal.

October 23rd, 2021 – Up to check on the septic system.  Lorne found the old system, and the new will be ready to go in over the next couple of weeks.  While up, we stopped into the Lindsay Design Center and saw bathroom & kitchen cabinets in the warehouse (Jo still loves them :-).  Also dropped in a photo of the view.  It never gets old being on the water.

October 28 & 29th – the roof is coming off and we are making progress.

November 5th – We’ve had a great experience with the septic tank being put in by Lorne Bagshaw Excavating.  A great placement that allows us access around the tank and bed when it comes to back yard landscaping.  Nov. 20th, the septic system has been approved and has since been graded over. Just waiting on some risers to add to the tank ports.

November 13th – Inside walls up and things getting ready for beam and floor joists, a second floor and the roof trusses to come next week.  A special thinks to Sarah, Julie and Gary at Lindsay Design/Building Centre for all you assistance in making things happen/

November 26th – We have a second floor…floor!  Main cross beam in and floor joists laid.  Next week, second floor walls and trusses. We heard that our Magic Window walls are being delayed a couple of weeks, so likely arriving the same time as the other exterior doors and windows.  A special thanks to CPE Structural Consultants Limited who hustled to engineer the beams over the Window walls and french doors in the basement.  The whole project is looking better each time I’m up.

December 6th week – Wow, we are really making progress now with the guys getting the roof trusses started this week. The trusses were designed by Home Building Centre & supplied by Kingdon Truss.  

December 13th week – The roof is sheathed and the shingling has been started and it’s starting to look like what I had in mind.

December 21st – I met with the team (thanks Jeff and Dan – the owner!) at Dock in a Box to learn more about, and buy a dock. They talked me through some of the pros and cons of the design I had in mind, brought in some great tips for better usage and in the end, provided me with a much more usable platform.  Not just for docking a boat, but for those Scugog chairs that have to be part of it.  The design is below and a photo of a similar design.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the spring.

December 23rd/24th – Just got a few photos from John (one of our great neighbours) showing the new windows going in.  The cut outs in the concrete and brick are for the Magic Window walls that should be installed in the next couple of weeks. New windows are going in all around and the bay window is here and ready to go in.  Some of the views are looking out from inside and some from the new upper floor.  What a view for a bedroom.   Looking great!!!

January 2nd, 2022 – Things slowed down over the holidays but will be ramping back up in the coming week,  We are expecting to have the the doors, bay, and Magic Windows installed shortly. Next up will be meeting with Jeremy (our builder extraordinaire) for a walk through with the trades as we prep for furnace and ducting, electrical and plumbing. At the same time we are working with Kyle Bryans of DreamStone Landscape to get the permits required to clean up the area nearer the shoreline.

January 7th, 2022 – The bay window and front doors have now been hung, a temporary set of stairs installed, the magic windows rough opening has been framed in and we are ready for them to be installed.  Next week the trades get in and start their magic. 

January 12th, 2022 – Exciting news.  The Magic Windows are being installed on Monday and I just ordered a boat to add to the dock.  Looking forward to warmer weather and getting back to the water (both living and sailing).

January 18th, 2022 – The first Magic windows went in (a day after the snowstorm), with the rest going in the next day.

January 21st, 2022 – We are scheduled to meet Mike our electrician from Mariposa Electric, the plumber, and City Stairs to walk through, spec out and measure things up.

It’s starting to come together and exciting to know we are going to be listing this place soon and into the new place this year.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Check out our new home logo.  What do you think?