Join us for a one of a kind sailing talk and book signing with John Kretschmer

John Kretschmer has been in the breezes, as Joshua Slocum put it, most of his life.  A professional sailor and writer, he is an accomplished ocean voyager, having logged more than 300,000 offshore miles, including a long ago record-breaking voyage from New York to San Francisco by way of Cape Horn, sailing a 32′ sloop against the wind. He has made 26 transatlantic crossings, and numerous long passages in all the world’s oceans. To put that into perspective, his sailing miles translate into about 10 trips around the world, or sailing to the moon and a 1/3 of the way back. He has written 7 books and hundreds of articles. His book, Sailing a Serious Ocean, was an international sailing best seller, and At the Mercy of Sea, was chosen as one the best nonfiction books of 2007 (US).


John’s latest book, Sailing to the Edge of Time, was just released by Bloomsbury. “This is the book I have been writing my entire life,” he writes, adding, “sometimes it seems like it took that long to finish it, but I am proud of it.”


It’s a memoir that mixes sea stories and sailing insights. It’s a deeply personal account of what it means to go to sea, to be at sea and features hard-won lessons about making the most of our lives. The premise is simple, it’s all about time, how we spend our time defines our life. Time spent sailing, especially deep ocean sailing, is time well spent. At sea we find out who we really are, and what we are capable of, far from the shackles of land we find an elusive place where time changes shape – days may merge into one another, but minutes are memorable.  


John continue’s to take people to sea each year by captaining challenging offshore sailing passages all over the world. To live adventurously is to live more fully, and that’s the life of John Kretschmer.

Talk and Book Signing Details:

Thursday June 20th – 7pm
Port-Whitby Marina
301 Watson Street West, Whitby, ON

Due to high water levels, the Boulevard Club event has been cancelled

Books available to purchase – Cost to attend is $10, payable at the door. CASH ONLY