SHCHC Resource page

For Plan Members (Employees)

ClaimSecure e- Login Page for health and dental web claims etc. CLICK HERE

ClaimSecure Mandatory Generic Drug Plan explanation page CLICK HERE

General info on ClaimSecure’s e-profile app  CLICK HERE  What info plan members can get access to & making claims etc.

ClaimSecure video on photo claims CLICK HERE on web claims CLICK HERE

ClaimSecure Google Play App CLICK HERE or Apple app CLICK HERE

General Information on Travel CLICK HERE

SHCHCEMERGENCY government travel assistance while in a foreign country CLICK HERE

GWL Travel Mini Booklet

GWL Travel Handout

For Plan Administrators (Managers)

BBD Online Enrolment tool video CLICK HERE

BBD Nomad videos for administrative changes (enrolment, termination, reports etc.)  CLICK HERE

BBD Nomad sign in page for administration CLICK HERE

ClaimSecure Formulary Protect Plus Slides  CLICK HERE

ClaimSecure Employee Communication letter

ClaimSecure e-Profile site video CLICK HERE

Fraud Video great to share with staff CLICK HERE

Ontario: Requirements for Mandatory Policies, Training and Postings CLICK HERE