You’ve Arrived Here as You’ve Been Invited to a Summer Sail

Leaving Whitby Harbour

As you likely know, I love to sail. Even better than sailing is getting other people out that love it too, or introducing it to those that have never tried it and really want to. The smile on peoples faces and watching them relax over a few hours is priceless.  Are you going to be one of them?

The lake is flat at times & we need to motor

Our boat is a 34 foot Hunter, that is safe, has lots of room (sleeps 4-6) and YES, it has a head (sailor speak for a bathroom). You don’t need to know a thing about sailing, but can learn if you’d like and pretty much take over the helm if you have some experience.  Want to see what it looks like from the air (compliments of D-Lab)? CLICK HERE

We have two different sailing agendas. Wednesdays are half and Fridays full days.

A typical Wednesday would be….

NOON  Meet at the Whitby Marina docks (bring a sub or sandwich if you like –Subway is about a minute west of the marina at 617 Victoria St W, Whitby, ON).  Sail around the area for a few hours.
5:00 pm  Arrive back at the dock and drive back to the city (or from whence you came)

A typical Friday would be….

9:00 am Meet at Port Whitby Marina docks
10-12:30 Sail to Port, a beautiful patio restaurant right on the water in Frenchman’s Bay
12:30 -2:00 Hang for an amazing lunch and beverages at the Port
2:30-5:30 sail back to Whitby and drive back to the city (or from whence you came)

We can take up to 5 guests, so if you have a friend, a spouse, co-worker or other you’d like to bring along, feel free to add them as well. If you are solo or a couple, just pick a date and add you name(s).  If you see someone you know, then jump on with them.  THIS IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. We have more people that want to sail than we have days so please don’t wait for a second invitation, there will not be one.  We are continuing with the same booking system this year. I am asking you to pick your day and book your spot online, then drop me an e-mail as to what you chose. This way you can see the dates that are open and pick one that is available.  If you have more than just yourself to book, please add the names (first names are fine) of others in the group so that we can see if the boat is filled, or there is space for others to join that day.

UNDECIDED is out of the water for the winter.

Bookings will open in May 2022 when we launch.

Interested in sailing with us? Drop us a note to be added to the e-mail list.

Important Update on COVID Regulations – June 30, 2021

Highlights of changes in the new Regulations for Step 2 that may impact sailing activities include:
  • Team sports (instruction, practice, and competition) can proceed as long as there is no likelihood of sustained physical contact between participants – meaning that you are allowed to sail in boats with others as long as you ensure there is no sustained and engaged physical contact.
  • While doing outdoor sports, masks are not needed. Following best practices of maintaining distance and wearing masks at other times (such as in preparation and post sport activity) is encouraged.
  • All sailors on the same boat are no longer required to be from the same household.
  • The capacity limit for all activities that are part of your ongoing operations (as opposed to events) are based on how many people your space can accommodate while maintaining the 2m physical distancing requirements.
While there is a loosening of restrictions, many requirements (especially restrictions around indoor access and the collection of information for attendance for tracing purposes) remain in place. We look to the entire sailing community to support your local organization leaders as they work hard to understand and follow all the rules to protect sailors, the organization, and the overall reputation of sailing. The promotion of overall health and safety need to continue to be front of mind as we enjoy the activities the Regulations now allow.

The boat is kept at Port-Whitby Marina and the address is 301 Watson Street, Whitby, ON.

To get there…

1.  Take 407 to Hwy #412 south, then to the end at the #401 eastbound….

Then / Or

Undecided’s Interior

2.   Take the 401 East, exit at Brock Street – Whitby (NOT BROCK ROAD, PICKERING). Turn south/left to Victoria Street. Turn right on Victoria Street and take the second left (Watson Street). You will be heading south to the marina entrance on the south (right) side of Watson Street.

The boat is called UNDECIDED and I am on Pier 7 slip 42.  The gate should be unlocked. but if not you’ll need to call me to open it. My cell number is 416-409-2117. Dress as you like (but be casual) and avoid nice or hard soled shoes and remember it is ALWAYS cooler on the water so an extra layer (or two) helps (I’m usually barefoot and shorts…after May anyway 🙂

Please note that trips are weather dependent. We have no control over that, so may have to cancel at the last minute to ensure everyone’s safety.  That said, we have only cancelled a couple of times in recent years. If you have any questions, just call Dave at 905-886-9203 or email at