Why Mainstay?

We deal with businesses of all sizes
Mainstay Insurance is an independent brokerage that specializes in providing employee benefits to small and mid-sized businesses. We deal with firms from a variety of industries ranging in size from two person “mom & pop” home-based businesses firms to larger multi-national organizations with a local presence.

Fair Pricing
We do not guarantee the “cheapest” pricing (as doing so would involve changing companies every six to twelve months), but we do work to get fair pricing over the long term while building professional relationships with the insurers. These relationships can be of huge value if an exception needs to be made or if an employer needs special assistance with a renewal in a year where they have encountered much higher claims than normal, for example.

We provide ongoing education
At Mainstay, we pride ourselves on providing ongoing education to our plan administrators. This helps to ensure that your company’s benefit plan is administered efficiently and effectively and designed with cost controls in mind. It also ensures that employees receive the benefit coverage they are entitled to and helps to reduce any potential liability on the part of the employer. To accomplish these goals, we review a number of benefit plan administration, human resources, taxation, and legal issues at each and every renewal.

We provide unique solutions
There is no “one size fits all” benefits solution. Plan designs are as varied as the employers that provide them. We will work with you to establish the plan style, funding model and budget that fits your firm and its employees. Our unique solutions are the the stuff case studies are written about. Here’s one example… CLICK HERE

Full disclosure
We provide our privacy policy and FULL disclosure as required by law and go a step further by also communicating our base commission model to our clients each year at plan renewal. This commission rate structure information is also available on our association website HERE.

Forms and other useful information
We maintain a website that provides links not just to the insurer sites with their forms and other relevant information, but also to items of interest to small employers in the areas related to benefits related areas..

We write and distribute a quarterly newsletter with both plan administrators and plan members in mind. Our newsletter is also available for reference and downloading from our web site.

We write and distribute a weekly (more or less) blog post that shares information of interest to our clients.  This may include; legislation, taxation, regulation or other changes that affect your business, items of interest and just general benefits related news. Our blog history is also available for reference on our web site.

Regular follow up with clients
Each quarter, we follow up with our clients to ensure that their plan is running well. We meet every year at renewal, often more than a month in advance of the renewal date to ensure that adequate time is available to resolve any issues or concerns before the actual renewal takes place.

All areas of insurance
While Mainstay specializes in nothing but benefits, we work with other many specialists in all areas of insurance so that we can provide you with contacts available in areas such as business, life, disability and personal insurance, and pensions and GRSP’s.

We ask you to please review the information that is available on our website and ask if your current broker provides these same services. After all, as brokers, we are all paid a similar (if not the same) commission to handle your benefit plan. That is why, we believe that you should insist on a specialist – Mainstay Insurance Brokerage Inc.