Podcasts – Worth a listen

Podcasts are a great way to share our experience with our industry, clients, advisors, prospects and the general public.  Some of these are linked below.  Feel free to listen, download and share as you see fit…and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

18-Minute Experts. A conversation with Dave Patriarche and Sarah Becker for a 2 part episode you won’t want to miss!

On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@18MinuteExperts

On Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3HWAgycGMD2lcZZxVEt2Bk

Success Leaves Clues Podcast

Interviewed by Robin Bailey and Al McDonald

February 3rd, 2023 – full episode here

The Interesting People You Meet Podcast

Interviewed by Nick Mombourquette and Nathan Dover

November 3rd, 2022 – full episode here

CGIB/BCC Navigator Podcast

A series of benefits related topics and speakers interviewed with Jason Watt of Business Career College.

CGIB CHIP Plan with Dave Patriarche – Lorne Curry

Internview October 2021

Selling Benefits & Understanding Group Insurance – PART #1 – with Darlene Poier

Selling Benefits & Understanding Group Insurance – PART #2 – with Darlene Poier

Business Career College

Catastrophic and Routine Risks in Benefits Plans (Dave Patriarche) — CE Drive with Jason Watt

Nerding out on Group Benefits with Jason Watt of Business Career College – S03E09

How to Create an Administrator Checklist – The Benefits Trust Webinar

Episode 1: Dave Patriarche – Your Future Depends on “Getting Gooder”

Episode 2: Dave Patriarche – Standing Out, Taxing Benefits Plans, & Better Conversations!

Episode 6: Dave Patriarche – Delivering Value & Running A One-Person Shop

Episode 10: Dave Patriarche – Take Care Of Your Clients & They Will Take Care Of You!

Episode 19: Dave Patriarche – Checklists & Why They Matter

Episode 20: Lori Power & Dave Patriarche – A Dialogue on Education & Mentorship

Episode 26: Dave Patriarche – Tools For Growing Your Business

Episode 29: Dave Patriarche – THE Plan Administrator Checklist

Episode 33: Dave Patriarche, Jon Corrigan, Michael Kettner – Triple Your Fun & Triple Your Learning!

Episode 43: The One About… Client Facing Events

Episode 45: The One About… Becoming Rich & Famous

Episode 46: The One About… “That’s Not Fair”

Episode 50: Dave Patriarche – Coffee, Curated Content & Camping In The Rain

The Benefits Corner: Episode 4-Dave Patriarche


Episode 19 – Making Sure You’re Covered: The Importance of Disability Insurance


Market Access Consulting for Pharmaceutical Industry | Mapol Inc.Group Insurance Advisors Concerns 2019 and Beyond – A webinar with Johnny Ma
Use this code CGIB19Mapol

Benefits by DesignNational Pharmacare: The Advisor Perspective   


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