Paramedical Fraud continues

I know we often talk about fraud at renewal time, but as I review a mid-year claims report for one of my great long-term clients, I am reminded of how quickly claims can jump up.  Time will tell if this is a case of; higher usage, misuse, abuse or fraud, but thought a good time to provide some links to remind employers to remain vigilant.  Often the “great deals” that staff are offered, make it around the office and can be addressed quickly to protect the plan and avoid having to cut benefits.

Here is an article on the TTC issue as well as an undercover video that shows just how big (and easy) an issue fraud can be.

Massaging receipts | CBC News
Toronto-area beauty spas are offering esthetic treatments that are paid for through health insurance fraud…

The true story of the fraudsters that fleeced the TTC for $6 million and counting