Dave Patriarche counters CLHIA’s stance

Well, it looks like I stepped into a(nother) battle in an attempt to ensure that the insurers provide correct information to the industry and specifically, to brokers and our clients.  Only by pushing to get the right information, can we ensure that clients get Fair Pricing of their insured benefit plans, that is our goal.

I hesitated to share this industry article, wondering if clients would be interested, but an associate  encouraged me to do so because…

I think it’s about reminding folks about the value of ‘truth, transparency and trust’ in a world where there is way too much fake news and fabricated ‘fact’ which is not really fact at all, but rather a convenient repositioning of statistics that are actually not at all relevant (the point you make about premium vs claims).  – Howard Kettner – Benefits Genius

Dave Patriarche, President of the group insurance firm Mainstay Insurance, has taken issue with the comments made by the Canada Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) critiquing a recent report on rising drug claim costs.

Patriarche argues that the critique of the report published by Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) lacks transparency. He says he wanted to set the facts straight in response to the comments by CLHIA President Stephen Frank.