Employer Workshare and SUB programs – (Easy to understand)

I have been getting a lot of calls from clients about some of the other well established government programs.  I’ve been sharing info individually in order to avoid overwhelming people with e-mails up until now.  This article is from a national law firm and provides great questions and answers to how the SUB and Workshare plans work and may be of assistance or an option for your firm.

As they contend with the global crisis caused by COVID-19, employers are increasingly welcoming such support mechanisms as the Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan (SUBP) and the Work-Sharing special measures. But making sense of it all isn’t easy. To help guide you, here are four (4) frequently asked questions regarding these support mechanisms and our team’s answers.


1) Can employers pay unemployment benefits to their employees in addition to those paid under employment insurance? If so, how? 

2) How are supplemental unemployment benefits (SUB) paid under a plan?

3) What is the maximum amount of unemployment insurance that can be paid to an employee under the SUBP without that employee’s employment insurance benefits being reduced? 

4) Can an employee be forced to reimburse employment insurance benefits received? 


1) What are the new Work-Sharing special measures? 

2) Which employers and employees may benefit from the temporary Work-Sharing special measures and how? 

3) What benefits are employees entitled to under a Work-Sharing program? 

4) How can you apply for the Work-Sharing program and within what timeframe?