I need your assistance…please read below

I am requesting that all my clients support this initiative.

I’ve taken on many challenges to improve the industry for our clients and their employees (Such as the Maternity Leave, the NEM initiative, the EAP Integration projects and more).  This time one of my Canadian group insurance Broker Members is doing something even more worthy of our support.  Gavin Mosley identified an important gap that occurs and needs to be corrected. 

I am asking my clients and their employees (if willing) to please sign & share his petition to make this positive change.

A Call to Action

There is a major problem with how Canadian group Dependent Life insurance contracts define eligible children, and it is time to come together as industry stakeholders to ensure we properly take care of young families.

It’s time to bring outdated legacy definitions up to modern standards, and to ensure that no one in the Canadian insurance industry going forward should ever need verify the number of hours or days lived to determine if an infant death qualifies for coverage under a Dependent Life benefit. We can do better.