FREE – Women’s Mental Health Program

I received this offer from GreenShield and thought it should be shared.

If you, or a woman you know, needs some help, please pass this along.  There is no cost (for the offer below). Although not a substitute for long term counselling, it may be a great start for those that do not have benefit plan with paramedical benefits, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or a Mental Health HSA.

When you sign up for GreenShield Cares’ Women’s Mental Health Program, you’ll receive two free hours of culturally sensitive talk therapy sessions and a complimentary subscription to online coach-assisted therapy (iCBT). We know that one-size therapy does not fit all. Talking to someone who understands unique needs of women – especially those from marginalized and/or racialized communities ­– can be immensely helpful for one’s healing journey.

Our program offers a personalized counselling matching tool with over 50 matching options, including culture, race, language, and religion, to ensure you can find a mental health professional who shares and/or can relate to your identity and lived experiences. Hundreds of our certified practitioners identify as a person of colour, Indigenous or Black so you can find the support that’s right for you.