Drug Access Navigators (DANs) take key financial stress away from patients

In the past, we’ve shared information about healthcare navigators (like Ray Rupert below).  Navigation experts can help with complicated health issues and assist in gaining access and resolving situations by acting as your advocate.

Raymond Rupert  – RCM Health Consultancy Inc.  – 647 350 5500 ext 105  –  rrupert@rcmhealth.ca –   www.rcmhealth.ca 

Navigators are often used in speciality clinics to help obtain access and funding for high cost speciality drugs, and used to access testing and services as well as second opinions.  The article below shares how they may also be used when it comes to cancer treatment.

Drug Access Navigators help people with cancer get financial support for treatment and almost every cancer clinic in Canada has one.

Drug Access Navigators (DANs) or Medication Reimbursement Specialists (among other similar titles) are a critical part of the healthcare team, helping connect patients with cancer with financial support for their medications.
This means assisting them with applying for approval from a private drug plan or making an application to a government program; getting authorization from the provincial or federal government for a medication; or filling in the financial gaps where private or public plans don’t fully cover a drug’s cost.