What do Ontario employers need to know ahead of new pay transparency legislation?

This legislation would require employers to include salary ranges in ALL job postings.  What this means is that both new job candidates (and existing employees) will see the salary range offered and will be in a better position to make informed decisions, before taking a job (or negotiating increases).

The article below has a quote that clients may want to keep in mind about highlighting perks (like their benefit plans) when doing postings.

“Smaller companies that don’t have well-structured compensation policies and practices will be most impacted by the legislation. In order to attract and retain skilled professionals, these companies will need to quickly establish defined compensation processes and may also have to go the extra mile and include other aspects of the compensation and benefits package, including perks, in job postings.”

Before new pay transparency legislation takes effect in Ontario, it’s important for employers to ensure their current compensation structure is in order…  READ ARTICLE BELOW