Long Term Disability Insurance: Common Employer Misconceptions

This is a great article around the employer responsibilities of Long-Term Disability cases.  It is one of the tricky areas that small employers often have little experience with, are not appropriately staffed (with HR people etc) to handle, and as a result find it difficult to deal with.  This article gives you a few of the biggest misconceptions one needs to consider in a short concise read.

Canada: Long Term Disability Insurance: Common Employer Misconceptions

Article by: Devan Marr

Once an employee is injured and in receipt of disability benefits, misconceptions regarding the parties’ respective roles can expose them to increased risk and liability.

  • Misconception #1: The employer is no longer involved in the disability process
  • Misconception #2: If the employee receives disability benefits for 2 years, their employment can be terminated
  • Misconception #3: If the employee no longer meets the policy definition of disability, they must return to work
  • Avoiding Exposure Through Collaboration