The End Of Bill 148?

Over the past year or so, we shared the changes to the Ontario Employment Standards Act (ESA) that Bill 148 was intended to implement.  Then we then passed along the legislative changes as they came into effect late last year and early this year (with more scheduled for 2018). Now we have to report that it looks like these changes may be rolled back.  We’ll follow the situation and report as we hear more.

There is a short article below as well, as a City TV web post with videos.

With the election of a new Government in Ontario, many employers wondered what would become of Bill 148.  As we have reported previously, Bill 148 was considered transformational legislation passed by the previous Government aimed at assisting precarious and vulnerable workers, which included such provisions as increasing the minimum wage, increased vacation, paid sick time and equal pay for part time employees performing substantially similar work to full time employees.  A few months after the election, and given recent statements to the media, we know that changes are coming.


Ford government prepares to drop the axe on labour reforms